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"Without passion there is nothing, so point your toes and make me believe that you love it!"

Leda is the owner and founder of Siren Studios and Siren Pole Wear. She started her pole journey in 2015 and has since won multiple artistic pole, exotic pole and lyra championship titles and is the current world duo artistic lyra champ with her aerial partner and fellow instructor Jenny. Leda is a multi-faceted performer and choreographer, best known for combining beastly strength moves with sensual flexy tricks to create powerful routines. She has performed both locally and internationally and lives for the stage. She has a vibrant, bubbly (slightly naughty) and infectious energy, which  comes across in her performances and classes. Her teaching style is encouraging and fun, while focusing on technique to prevent injuries while still pushing her students beyond what they believe they can do.



"I love living life upside down, sharing my passion with others, and helping them along their journey."

Jenny is a full time acrobat, aerial performer, handstand lover & coach. She has a background in Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics & Ballet, with 19 years' professional experience performing locally & internationally. She incorporates different elements of what she has learned, focusing on strength in flexibility and control, learning to trust yourself, and discovering what your body is capable of.



"If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing very slowly..."

Genevieve is known for her signature slow and sensual style. An award winning performer with over 10 years of pole teaching experience she has a passion for helping others find their inner gooey goddess.

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Laurin was mesmerised by the aerial world the second she saw a live performance in Johannesburg in 2010. And while her aerial journey may have begun with pole, 10 years later Laurin found herself enthralled by aerial hammock. Her very first class was both humbling and addictive. She continued to develop her passion for hanging upside down (or as she likes to say, 'the right way up') and in 2021 decided to share her love for aerial hammock with students at Siren Studio. She loves sharing her love of aerial hammock with people who started out just like her. 



Tarren has been a pole dancing instructor for six years. One of her favourite things about teaching is watching her beginner and amateur students take on spins and tricks they believed to be impossible and conquer more than they thought they could. There is no better feeling.  She has also tried my hand at other aerial props such at Lyra and Hammock, but pole will always have her heart.

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Fern is a fun-loving, dedicated instructor who fell in love with pole and Lyra in her late teens. She has grown into someone who not only loves training herself hard but enjoys to see others succeed and train hard in order for them to reach their goals. Coming from a dance background she loves incorporating it into her aerial skills. You will not only work hard in her class, but also have tons of fun.

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Toni is an Aerial and Fire Performer who has been performing for 10 years. She began her career in fire performance and physical theatre, before she made her foray into aerial dance. Toni focuses on storytelling and act creation through aerial dance; as well as developing a deeper understanding of her students’ (as well as her own) bodies.



Emily has a passion for performance. With five years' pole dance experience and a love of teaching, she has stepped into a instructor role where she aims to help others find the confidence and love of dance that she has carried throughout her life.



Justine AKA Pole Fairy, started her pole journey in 2018 and was hooked instantly! She loves strength tricks, clean lines, and from time to time enjoys some smooth but hard-hitting jamming in heels. In 2021 she competed in the SAPFS in the semi-professional artistic category claiming victory over some stiff competition. She loves dancing and enjoys imparting her knowledge to others.

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Chiara was introduced to pole in 2016 and has been in love ever since. Pole dancing is more than a form of fitness to Chiara... it's her therapy. She loves being able to share its magic with others.