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With so many incredible classes on offer, we know it may be overwhelming to pick and choose - so here's a little breakdown to make sure you’re going to the right class for you! 😍


This is for the new babies of pole. You will learn the basics of pole fitness and start building a solid foundation for your training, all while building coordination, strength and flexibility. Grow your confidence in a supportive and fun environment 💪🏻🔥


This is where we level up 😍🔥 In this pole dance class, you’ll expand on your pole foundation and learn combinations of tricks and transitions from the floor and aerially. This is where you’ll build your endurance, control and grace.


This is for the elite squad. A whole lot of badass power and flexibility. Expect a combination of dynamic static pole combination and beautifully bendy and strong spinning combinations that are endless…. Let’s do it for the 'gram 😜


Get out your heels - the higher the better (8 inch club represent!) and get ready to explore your sensual side. This is for Sirens who love the slow, gooey goddess pole flow. We get into our feels ( and work up a sweat while doing it 🥵🔥)


The name says it all 🔥🔥 This is for the the Sirens who love those hard hitting exotic routines that leave you feeling fierce AF 😍 Hard-hitting flips, kips, hair whips and heel clacks. Extra bonus : CARDIO for days 🔥 Knee pads essential!


No heels, not ready for pole, but still wanna get a bit naughty? No problem! Bring socks and kneepads and come slide around on the floor with us 😍 This dance class focuses on a choreographed sensual floorwork routine. Unleash your inner goddess ❤️‍🔥


In this intermediate-level pole class, you will work exclusively on spinning pole and focus on executing various tricks, transitions and spinning combos with an exotic flair. You will build your strength and technique and learn the importance of smooth inverts, clean transitions… And pointed toes. Bring your heels (with ankle straps) if you want to level up your pole tricks arsenal!


This open-level class focuses on choreography, movement, musicality and expression. Blend tricks with floorwork, pole flow, transitions and spins in choreographed routines suited to all levels. A combination of contemporary and exotic pole, be ready to dance your heart out! Bring kneepads, legwarmers, socks and a pair of heels with an ankle strap.


In these classes you’ll learn how to stretch safely and get STRONG though flexibility. Learn where and how to activate through conditioning drills and push your flexibility to a new level with our assisted techniques. All levels of flexibility are welcome 🙏🏼 This is about you and your goals. This is also a great add on to your aerial training 💪🏻 PS: The safe word is "peaches" 🍑


Learn the foundations and basics of lyra (aka aerial hoop) in this class. Learn all the pretty sits and shapes while working on balance, leg hangs, pull ups and inverts. If you’ve ever dreamt about running away with the circus, then this is the class for you!


Once we've mastered the basics of lyra, get ready to start putting those sits and shapes together in combinations that are more challenging. We'll explore both the top and bottom bar and add in some rolls and tumbles for fun 😉


Here you already invert with ease and are developing more advanced skills, flexibility and strength. You will learn more dynamic rolls, drops, extreme flexibility tricks and combinations while improving your endurance with routines.


Who knew a piece of material hanging from the ceiling could bring so much joy? Learn to wrap yourself on the hammock with sits, spins and transitions. This is amazing for those looking for something new, fun and in the air. Extra bonus for those sweaty Betty’s - no grip required for aerial hammock 😍


In this hammock class, we create beautiful shapes and learn how to do drops and rolls on the aerial hammock while working on your  flexibility and strength. DISCLAIMER: Make sure to wear a unitard with sleeves or tuck in that top to your aerial hammock class… she burns ❤️🔥😜


Build the strength and confidence to perform a smooth and strong handstand - starting against the wall to flying solo! Of course, this wouldn't just be a garden-variety handstands class, would it? Learn the techniques to play with beautiful shapes... Because life is better upside down!

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